Project Summary

The overall goal of the LEO (Low Energy Ovens) project is to develop three types of oven – i) batch-deck oven, ii) batch-rack oven and iii) conveyor oven - based on similar technology to reduce energy consumption and save time during the baking process for a wide target group (craft bakery and bake-off actors). The LEO infrared technology will provide an overall reduction in energy between 20-40% and can be used in a two step process (preheating and/or baking). The technology can be applied to partly baked bread (Bake-off) and fully-baked bread on-site (retail in-store and craft bakeries).

The LEO project aims to build prototypes for future commercialisation by the SMEs involved in oven manufacturing (Ircon and Ramalhos), demonstrate their efficiency by the consortium SME bakeries (BPA and Die Havenbäcker), with the support of the RTD partners (SIK and ONIRIS) and the SME service providers (LEMPA, Blonk and Intelligentsia).

In resume LEO project addresses the following strategic objectives:

- Allow the exploitation of the FP6 EU-FRESHBAKE project results based on further R&D activities
- Develop and demonstrate three (3) IR ovens ready for commercialisation on the market
- Conduct an environmental, social and economic life-cycle assessment in-line with IRLCD to propose eco-designed ovens
- Support the development of the bakery industry, composed of a large pool of SMEs
- Encourage the participation of SMEs in the project and offer them a competitive advantage: production of a new baking oven technology, using an innovative oven aiming to save cost and time, participating in the business development of a new, innovative and promising technology.

Upcoming Events

Bulpek, 11-14 November 2015
Europain, 5-9 February 2016

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Customer Survey

If you are a user and/or purchaser of bakery ovens, and you are located in Europe, please take five minutes to answer this survey, which will help the LEO project get customer insight.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 613581.

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