The FP7 LEO project is composed of nine European partners presented below:

intelligentsia Intelligentsia Consultants (Luxembourg)

Intelligentsia Consultants provides high quality, practical, knowledge-based consultancy services to support science, technology and innovation in the public and private sectors. Intelligentsia has extensive experience in managing public funded R&D related projects. The company is located in Luxembourg and UK. Its service portfolio is focused on five key areas: innovation management; technology transfer; policy analysis and design; evaluation and impact assessment; and information and communication services.

École Nationale Veterinaire, Agroalimentaire et de L'alimentation Nantes Atlantique (France)

ONIRIS is a higher education establishment under the jurisdiction of the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Its research activity is focused on Food and Human & Animal Health. The twelve ONIRIS research units are spread across four main scientific fields: i) Food Processing, management, and Sustainability, ii) Food Quality and Safety, iii) Health Control of Animal Husbandry, and iv) Human Health, Biomedical Research and Animal Models. In addition, the College contributes to the cross-disciplinary approach of environmental issues and sustainable development.


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB is a private non-profit, leading international research institute belonging to the RISE group (Research Institutes of Sweden) which is owned by the Swedish government. SP employees work in close cooperation with customers to create value and deliver high-quality input to all parts of the innovation chain, thus playing an important part in assisting the competitiveness of industry and its evolution towards a sustainable development. SP co-operates globally with large and small companies, universities, RTOs and other organisations. The SP group consists of nine technical units and eight subsidiary companies covering a wide technical range, employs around 1400 co-workers and bases the services on its core values: trust, innovation and added value for the industry. SP's headquarters are located in Borås, close to Gothenburg in the western part of Sweden. The Unit Food and Bioscience (former SIK) is mainly situated in Gothenburg, with regional offices in Lund, Linköping and Umeå. The core competence areas of SP Food and Bioscience are food processing, food safety, food quality and environmental impact of food production. SP Food and Bioscience conducts strategic and applied research for industry in accordance with a goal-oriented research programme and in the form of joint industrial projects.

 lempa Laboratoire d'Essais Des Materielset Produits Alimentaires Lempa Sarl (France)

The Laboratoire d’Essais des Matériels et Produits Alimentaires is a French research SME working for millers, artisans, Agri-Food industrial actors and large to medium-scale supermarkets. LEMPA realizes analysis, leads varied studies, provides consultancy support activities, and organizes training in the Bread, Viennoiserie and Pastry- making area. The laboratory proposes hedonic tests (consumers testing) for Bread Viennoiserie and Pastry products to reference a new product or assess the degree of acceptability of a new recipe to consumers. LEMPA has the proper technical and human resources to ensure the implementation of BVP products in the best conditions.
 blonk Blonk Milieu Advies BV (Netherlands)

Blonk Milieu Advies helps companies, governments and civil society organisations put sustainability into practice. Blonk Consultants provides concrete guidance for organisations that want to grow sustainably. And to ensure that all the issues are fully considered they can draw on the expertise available in their extensive network of companies, NGOs and civil society organisations.

Their team of consultants works closely with clients to deliver clear and practical advice based on sound, independent research. To ensure optimal outcomes they take an integrated approach that encompasses the whole production chain. An important part of their work is to identify, describe and evaluate the environmental effects and other sustainability aspects of agricultural production and consumption chains.

 bpa Boulangeries Patisseries Associes Nantes Sarl (France)

BPA Nantes is a semi industrial bakery located in Nantes. It delivers both, baked and part baked breads, to customers such as catering (hospitals, schools, universities, nursing homes, business, airlines, etc.), supermarkets, etc. BPA's clientele will allow the LEO project to reach a significant pool of consumer to taste and compare bread made with IR technology and standard production. The large range of BPA's products will also enable the consortium to test the LEO technology on different recipe and bread types and therefore obtain significant results and validate the technology.

Die Havenbäcker Gmbh (Germany) 

Havenbäcker is one of the leading traditional bakeries in the area around Bremerhaven and the coast between the river Weser and the North-Sea. Since then the bakery provided the population around Bremerhaven with daily freshly baked products and confectionary, made in a traditional way of craftwork. Havenbäcker proposes a large choice of Bread, Viennoiserie and Pastry made in a pure artisanal style.

 ircon Ircon Drying Systems AB (Sweden) 

Ircon Drying Systems AB is a Swedish SME specialised in industrial electric infrared drying and heating as well as combinations of infrared and hot air drying. It serves paper and food industry. Ircon's drying systems are at technologically highest level and characterized by highest energy efficiency as well as advanced power control. Ircon’s competence is focused on customer designed solutions for any dryer related task – from controlled coating drying to improving moisture profiles in paper-, board– and coating machines. Ircon built a conveyor oven demonstrator for the partner SIK they have installed into their R&D facilities.
 ramalhos Ramalhos SA (Portugal) 

Beginning in 1967, Ramalhos in the past four decades has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of ovens for the bakery, pastry, and hospitality business. Ramalhos started as a small family-oriented business producing brick-ovens. Recognized early on for the quality, effectiveness, and success of its products and services, Ramalhos quickly experienced remarkable growth.  Ramalhos has a global presence and is represented in over 40 countries through local agents. Recently, the company opened administrative offices and production facilities in Brazil. Ramalhos Brazil, while staying true to the company’s sense of spirit and enterprise, will be a direct platform into Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Nearly half a century after being founded, Ramalhos's business activities are now substantially different.

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