IR batch oven prototypes

The LEO team is happy to inform you about a major achievement of the project. The two batch oven prototypes (e.g. deck oven and ventilated oven) have been successfully manufactured and are ready to be tested. This is the occasion to thank the hard work and full dedication of the partner Ramalhos which faced and solved numerous technical issues as well as unexpected problems during the prototyping.
The two batch ovens have been shipped to ONIRIS for laboratory testing. Then the deck oven and its reference oven will be sent to the German bakery Die Havenbacker while the ventilated oven and its reference oven will be sent to the French laboratory LEMPA for in-situ testing. After this first round of testing Die Havenbacker and LEMPA will exchange their prototypes to complete the testing exercise.
The IR batch ovens are promising in term of energy and time savings. By the end of the project the oven manufacturer Ramalhos will have enough information to optimised the production chain for these two new products and start the commercialisation. The fact that Ramalhos used existing products as basis for the prototypes will ease the delivery of the LEO IR batch ovens to the market.

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